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This tool consists of a web part and a Site Settings configuration page and it allows users to be redirected to a specific page or subsite within the site collection, based on a group the user is a part of. In the configuration page, a SharePoint group will be selected and the desired relative path assigned to that group.

After deploying to the Web Application, the configuration page can be found here in Site Settings:

NOTE: If implementing on a managed path site collection (other than the root web app level), be sure to include the managed path location before to create a proper relative path of the location the user is to be redirected to.

The Redirect User Web Part must be actived in the Site Collection Features.

Once the tool is configured, edit the the default.aspx (or the page set as Home for the particular site collection) and add the Redirect User Web Part from the InfoSystems category.

Now, whenever a user logins and lands on this page, they will automatically be redirected to the assigned page to the group they are assigned. If they are not assigned to one of the groups, they will stay on the Home page of the Site Collection.

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